Qingdao Haida Haixi New Materials CO., LTD, relying on theresearch team of ocean university of China, was established in January 2015 andlocated at National University Science Park in Qingdao. Company mainly focuseson  research and development, productionand sale of graphene-like materials, and provides technical services fordownstream application. By now, graphene quantum dots (GQDs) have been preparedin low cost by unique electrochemical method for the first time, so areally"green"batch production is achieved.

Company is committed to be a leading enterprise of grapheneindustry, and diligently practices the enterprise culture of "a drop issmall, but can fill an ocean, so dreams come true". In terms of the ideaof "starting from the bottom, and accumulating separate parts into awhole", we consider that the key to large-scale industrial application ofgraphene lies in its quality, batch stability, production capacity and cost.Therefore, we always agree on an epigram of "the customer is first",and interact with customers to promote the industrialization of downstreamproducts, and then increase the variety and production capacity of grapheneaccordingly.

Development strategy

1. Accomplishing the production of graphene quantum dots and somegraphene-like materials, and achieving the recognition of downstream users;

2. Finding suitable users to provide them technical service todevelop downstream products, then introducing them to invest the upstreamproducts to their needs;

3. Developing varieties of upstream products and eventually usingthem widely.